Our Charities

2018 Graceband supported OCD Carmelite Mission Zambia

More details of this project click OCD Carmelite Mission Zambia

2017 Grace Band supported Kidney Federation of India and launched onefrancRevolution with the aim to donate 1 Franc per week. Rev. Fr. Davis Chiramel inaugurated the www.onefrancrevolution.org on the day Graceband Concert on 25th February 2017. Also Grace Band donated all the profit from this concert to Kidney Federation of India. 

2016 Grace Band extended our support to the “Snehabhavan at Thodupuzha”. 

Shenibhavan Melukavu Mattom (www.snehibhavan.org).
Rehabilitaiton center for the marginalised-tribal and dalit children and their unmarried mothers
(Protection and rehabilitation of unmarried mothers among adivasi-dalit communities and providing assistance and protection to their children. Also providing temporary shelter and medical care to poor women who are fourced out of their families due to chronic disease, unwanted and premarital pregnancy, torture, mental and emotional trauma. Imparting education and skill-training to children etc.)

2015 Grace Band extended our support to the “Galeela Children’s Home at Angamali”.

This home was started by a loving father Br. Chandran and his wife Radha Chandran. He has three children two sons and one daughter. Br. Chandran and his wife started this children’s home with two orphan kids. This was the beginning of Galeela Children’s home. Currently there are 25 children at Galeela Children’s home and the number is expected to increase with time. All children are between 5 and 20 years age. All are studying in different schools. Br. Chandran’s caring work expanded and now Galeela Children’s home is a sanctury for many destitute children who are either orphan or whose parents are mentally or physically incompetent to look after their children.
Galeela Children’s home was founded in 2004 when Br Chandran and his family realized the horrific situation of children were enduring on the streets in Kerala.
Address details;
Galeela Children’s home
Karukutty (P O)
Your donations can be send to;
Charitable Society,
SBT P&SB Angamaly branch
Account number;
67366463320, IFSC: SBTR0001018.