About Us

Grace band was born on feisty evening of summer 2015. It’s aim is to bring all the Swiss musicians under an umbrella, impart the Indian art tradition and to foster a new generation who love his neighbor. In its first outing grace band earnt a huge acceptance by sending the music of Rhine rivers ripples to the heart of people. Believing that art perfects life, the grace band is on roll to present a musical evening for all the Swiss Malayalees in every year. Grace Band is an organization where professional artists and   singers can offer their time and talent for charity. Giving back to the community is a huge part of living a rewarding life; especially for artists, who often have a natural desire to give back. Artists have a special gift and knack for inspiring those who feel downtrodden by life. Music and art can motivate and encourage those whose spirits are down and need a lift. This is especially important through the holiday season, as people begin to access the value of their lives and think about loved ones that have passed on. Singing and music can act as wings, lifting many people out of the depths of sadness and grief, giving hope.